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  • Welcome to O'Brien Therapeutic Massage

    Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork for Active Bodies
    Here, I provide high-quality therapeutic massage, sports massage, and myofascial release in order to help you heal, recover, rejuvenate, and maintain overall healthy physical and mental wellness.

    My goal is simple: To help you help yourself. Our bodies were designed to move, and life is more fun when we can go out and enjoy the activities that make our spirits come alive. When muscles and joints get tense or achy, it can slow us down or keep us away from doing the things we love. I work with individuals to help them relieve muscle pain and tension, increase their range of motion, recover from injuries, decrease stress, and optimize their physical well-being so that they can keep moving through life and feel good in the process.

    How am I different?

    Some massage therapists will just rub what hurts. I apply my extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, as well as my background in yoga and meditation training to get to the root cause of what you're here to work on. Often, where you feel pain isn't where the pain is coming from. Muscle pain and dysfunction can be physical, or mental. When you come to see me, I'll work with you as an individual living a unique physical experience to develop a plan that's going to help you best reach your goals. Whether you're training for a marathon, working a physically demanding job, or looking to stay active as you age, I've got your back.

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    Therapeutic massage is a great way to show yourself care - mentally and phyically. Massages also make great gifts! Reach out to find out more or book an appointment for yourself or a friend.